Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012 was, 2013 is

2012 went by me in a whizz. I emerged from it empty-handed emotionally & spiritually. To put it in a nutshell, it was a Year of waste. Not that it was filled with misfortune, in fact, we were very blessed, happy & healthy. I say it was a waste because I spent a chunk of it worrying, running in circles & accomplishing nothing. Worst of all, I didn't put Christ in the center of my life. I chose to run on my own, plan on my own, solve on my own, resulting in very little. Too much self and too little Christ.

This year, I decide to abandon my flesh, my humanly efforts and lean more on God, put Christ in the center of my life. Pursue the word of God, trust my concerns into His hands and follow His lead in all aspects of my life particularly:

I am horrified that I spent my year yelling, shrieking, scolding, screaming etc. I am ashamed that I have been ungracious toward my son especially in my words & actions. This year, I want less yelling and more in control. I want to inject love into my discipline toward my kids without being harsh. I shall strive to be authoritative but not an authoritarian. I shall seek God especially when I'm at the crossroads & not depend on my own understanding.

Character building
I hate to admit this on public site but I think my son has grown to be quite self centered. To him, the world revolves around him & everyone else comes second. I want to focus on bringing up a boy who is thoughtful, appreciative & kind. As I type this, I feel its quite a tall order. I don't have a plan on how I can achieve this. But when I don't know how, I know my Lord knows the perfect plan for us. I trust He will show me the way.

Last year homeschooling was lots of trial & error, hitting walls after walls. Like my spiritual life, this aspect was empty. I think I was trying to do too much. This year, I shall focus on his weak areas in bid to prepare him for Primary school next year. I will be paying more attention on the 2 languages and less on Math.

- grammar
- spelling
- oral

- vocabulary
- oral
- writing

- revision

As you can see, I said nothing about baby doll. What about her? Well, I have no clue! She's another ball game altogether with a different set of rules. I think I will have to think hard and write a separate post for her!

By God's grace & leadership, I trust that end 2013, I shall look back and be in awe of the supernatural breakthroughs we experience in all areas of our lives. Oh boy, I wrote myself happy & excited! Can't wait to see & experience what the Lord has install for me and my family! To a year of supernatural breakthroughs & God's never ending goodness raining upon me & my household! Amen!

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