Friday, 11 January 2013

Colors of blue & yellow

Oh babydoll! It is so hard to fit a teaching activity for her in our routine!
The best time is when sonshine is at school but she usually have her lunch and nap all the way till it's time to pick her brother up.
So i try to aim to do one, just one activity with her a day. I try to make it as short & quick as possible. This week, i taught her blue & yellow. She has no problems matching the colors, so i know she knows the colors. But when i asked her what color is something, her answer is always 'red!'. LOL! However, i played a high-5 game with her, asking her to high-5 the blue/yellow card and she got it correct. So i am trying not to sweat it about the 'red' answer. Since she does know her colors!

A quick and fun activity for her. I cut up blue and yellow straws into short strips & took out blue and yellow playdough. She poked the colored straws into the corresponding color playdough. She enjoyed this! And i was happy that it kept her well entertained for...10 minutes. :I

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