Sunday, 6 January 2013

First Grammar lesson of 2013!

This holiday we did a great deal of nothing. Just nothing. We lazed around, played, meet people, had grands over for 2 weeks, and did more lazing. It was a holiday of nothing-ness. I almost thought i lost my mojo.
Somehow, we got our engine started on the very day sonshine started school. We started our first Homeschool lesson of the year with grammar lesson.
The topic was on singular and plural nouns.  
These are some of the visual aids i made to help sonshine learn faster & accurately. He learnt that with most words we add a 's' at the end to change them into plural forms. Otherwise words ending with 'ch', 'sh', 's', 'ss' and 'x' we have to add an 'es'. We will be continuing the lesson with other exceptional words like words ending with 'y', vowel before 'y' etc.
This was just a simple worksheet i whipped out to help him revise.

To be honest, i think he doesn't quite need this lesson. He has read widely enough to know instinctively the plural forms of most words. But i insist on going through this chapter because of my own experience. In terms of English language, i always go by instinct, what sounds right and what feels right. But i never took into heart the grammatical rules hence my grammar, actually my entire English language, is very poor & inconsistent. I want sonshine to know as many grammatical rules as possible. I believe it will help him somewhat, i hope?

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