Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 for babydoll

A quick glance at 2012 for babydoll and my immediate take on it was a wasted year. A year of accomplishing nothing (in terms of cognitive development) for her. Wow, that sounds like i am some academic crazy mom, doesn't it? Anyway, on closer examination, i conclude she did in fact achieve something. It is just that i didn't quite plan and sit down with her & teach her. She learnt in her own ways and very much impromptu. But the important thing is, she did learn some things. That thought itself makes me heave a sigh of relieve.
Let's see, last year she learnt basic shapes like circle, triangle, star & square. She also learnt the names of some animals, the sounds that some animal make, names of fruits & general things around her. She learnt them all through play and interaction with us. Nothing formal.
I think last year i harbour the expectation that she would learn exactly the way brother sonshine did. But all the homeschool lessons i pen out for sonshine didn't work on her. I shall be honest and say, i was quite disappointed that her learning curve isn't the same as her brother's. Because this means one thing- that i have to research on new ways to teach her.
At this point of my life, i feel quite lazy to think creatively and look up for new ideas. I was also disappointed because i was hoping she could read by Glenn Doman flash card method like sonshine did. I found this method the easiest and fastest way to teach a child to read. I didn't teach sonshine the alphabet at all. All i taught him was to read by sight-words and everything else fell into place. He recognised the alphabets naturally and by watching enrichment programs like Leapfrog. I didn't even have to go through the phonics either. So i cannot relate to teaching methods like starting with alphabet than phonics etc. But it looks like i have to start from the beginning, step by step with babydoll. :( I am feeling lazy and sluggish already. *yawn*
So this year my plan for babydoll is
-Learn colours
- Begin to learn numbers
- Recognise alphabets and hopefully some simple words
Yup, that is all. I dare not set too high an expectation since alot of my focus will be on sonshine- as always. :I
Although she is different from her brother, still, her difference is a breath of fresh air. My experience as her mother is all new and it is like i am being a first time mom all over again! That makes it all exciting!

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