Thursday 7 May 2015

Day In A Life

Have you ever been curious how other mothers, be they working or stay home, manage their daily lives? Now it is a chance for you to take a peak into some of our lives. A group of us SMB is on a blog train hosted by the very sweet Justina over at Mum in the making.

And today is my turn to invite you to peer into my typical day.



That's the time my alarm thunder into my ears. I wrestle with myself for the next ten minutes before I finally get down from my bed.

Soon after a quick wash up, I snail my way to the kitchen to prepare snacks for Sonshine's recess as well as his breakfast. The boys awake and get wash. I police Sonshine to finish his breakfast.
At 645am, my husband is ready to send the boy to school. He goes to work straight after. The minute they leave, I dive right back into bed & get my first (quick) nap of the day! 


My alarm nag me to wake up a second time. This is my most challenging time of the day- dragging the girl out of the bed & preparing her for school. 

15 minutes later, we're off to Doll's school! This marks my first of many exits for the day. 
I return home alone to an exceptionally quiet house. I spend the next 30 minutes doing a myriad of things in heavenly peace. I would be eating my breakfast or listening to worship songs, reading the bible, a book or just surfing the waves on the internet. 
All too soon my day slumps down as I make war in the kitchen and settle my longstanding scores with the chores! 
The clock screams at me again, time to make my second exit out of the house. This time to pick Doll up from school. I let her hang around the school for another 30 minutes to play with her buddies.

We rush home and I race against the clock to feed Doll her lunch. I've a very short window period before I pick Sonshine from school. During this time, I squeeze in a very quick home learning with her as she eats.
The girl and I head out once again to fetch the boy.
Mid Noon
We all return home. 
The kids make it easy for me as they know the drill. They automatically march into the bathrooms for their baths without my prompting.
Sonshine eats his lunch, Doll self entertains while I cool myself down with a nice bath. Sonshine gets to play & wind down after his meal. 
3pm, it is NAP time!
All 3 of us crawl into our beds and I embrace my second nap with delight. I knock out for 1 to 1.5 hours while the kids sleep for 2 hours. YAY.
Late Noon 

I wake up from my nap, somehow I'm more tired than before. So I perk myself up with a second cup of coffee; I savour the stillness and quiet moments before the kids send a tsunami of noise and mess into the house.

Doll awakes and breaks my peace. I take the cue and reluctantly wake the brother up as I brace myself for another bout of chaos.
The battle begins.

Sonshine takes his homework out (if not, he will do my assigned revision) while I hurry into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Doll joins her brother in the study room and makes a lot of distractions for him. I find myself shuffling back and forth the room and kitchen, juggling between barking at the kids (one to stop getting distracted and another to stop distracting) and cooking.

When Sonshine is done with his work and if there is free time, he will have his down time.

The kids have their dinner at 630pm. They are allowed to have their first TV time for the day while eating.
My favorite person arrives home and I shut down, mentally, physically, emotionally and immediately. From now on, my husband takes over!
He takes his meal (I will join him if I have not starved by then) and washes the remaining dishes in the sink (my hero). I retreat into my room, doors closed, for I am an introvert this way. I need to recharge in solitary. The kids have a whale of a time with their daddy, playing board games & what nots.
The dear husband settles the kids for bedtime. Sonshine quietens down and reads a book while I take Doll to the room for story time.
Lights out. If I don't lose the battle with the zzz monster, I will join my hero in the living room and watch my first tv show for the day.
The dark night creeps into the house and the still of the night looms before the cycle begins again the next day.


As I typed this, it occured to me that my life seems so mundane and 'dead'. I wondered if all that I do has any worth and meaning to it. After all, cooking & nagging the kids don't bring in money nor make my brain any more smarter.

But God spoke and assured me that there is annointing in all that I do as a mother. Even the very act of chopping the vegetables, He has annointed me to do it. And I was reminded not to demean my role at home for He has placed my role at home for a purpose. Oddly but surely not coincidentally, my pastor honored the mothers in our church last Sunday (early Mother's day celebration) and said the same thing. I knew then that the Lord is assuring me that I am where He wants me to be and annointed me to do so.


Coming up next on the blog train is Ing, a mom of 3 and former primary school teacher. She juggles an "insane schedule" (a term coined by her closest friends) running after her 3 kids, tackling the never-ending housework and at the same time stepping out as a mumpreneur. She shares mommy tales, kiddy thrills and learning activities on her blog, Ingspirations. Find out how a day in her life is like.

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