Monday 14 July 2014

What a (little) girl wants and needs!

 Lately, Doll has been pretending to be a waitress taking my orders and serving me my meals and collecting my money. I felt sorry that she had to make do with the little space available (due to HER clutter) on our coffee table for her 'cooking'. Hence, I put together a little play area at, where else, my kitchen.
First, I gathered some of her cooking toys and displayed them in a basket (which I bought from Daiso for this very purpose).

A bakery basket

I had an empty shelf so I displayed the baskets of food on the shelf- inspired by the ones we saw at Kids Stop, Science Center. A poor version of it but is an invitation to play! Besides the bakery and carbo baskets, we also have a basket of fruits & vegetables and a tray of an assorted cakes. :P

Next to that black shelf is MY kitchen shelf. Just for her, I cleared one tier for her. I placed her cultery, rice cooker, water flask and what-nots.

And what use is a kitchen without a cooking stove? I shifted this from her usual play space into our kitchen.

To complete my mini project, I painstakingly snapped photos of each and every item displayed on the shelf and created a menu. I forsee that I can use this to teach her to read and the concept of money!
Next, I really should set up a cashier counter for her! Man, I envy her! I wish I had an play area like that when I was at her age!

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