Saturday 1 December 2012

L is for Lego

When it comes to Lego play, i much prefer to give my kids a box of assorted bricks and let their imagination run wild.
It is unfortunate to me that nowadays Lego come in pre-packed series. All the child has to do is follow the step by step instruction and viola, he has created a professional and perfect looking structure. Nothing to shout about really, because the creation wasn't originated from the child.
This holiday, i gave a box of my old Lego to sonshine and let him create a little world of his own. 
To get him started, we built a house following a simple instruction.
Half way through, he said he didn't want to follow the instruction any more because he wanted to build a taller house. Of course, i was more than happy to let him. He stacked brick after brick and ended up with this good-looking tall house. Love it.
He added a chimney & a man on top.
After that, i let him free to build anything he wanted. Slowly, brick by brick he built a small little town.
A man on a bridge
Staircase leading to the 'basement'
He made several cars. Love how authentic and original looking they are.
A shorter tower, he calls this 'Singapore Tower 5'.
The initial look of his small city. Now it looks a whole lot crowded (too lazy to take a photo) and it's still 'growing'!
I will be first to admit, his creations are not perfect nor professional. But, i appreciate his creativity and originality. It's perfect to me!


  1. Lego still creates basic bricks and I prefer them over the "themed" ones. Maybe it's not just available there in SG.

  2. Looks pretty perfect to me!!.... :)