Thursday, 31 October 2013

Montessori- Stamp Game (Division)

Sonshine is learning about division in school, so I decided to 'help' him out. Well, not exactly. He already knows how to divide but I thought he has trouble identifying a division problem sum from the last time we tried it which was like months ago.
Since I have the Montessori Stamp game, I thought I might as well present to him Division using Montessori Stamp game.
Apart from the Stamp game kit, I prepared slips of paper on which I wrote division word problem sums.

We read the first problem sum together. But before I could do any presentation or explain anything, Sonshine dished out the kits like a pro, allocated the stamps correctly and declared the answer. I was momentarily stumped (since he was never exposed to this activity before) but found enough composure to ask him to move on to the next question. By the 3rd question, he gave me the answers even before he finish dividing the stamps and he did the same for the rest of the sums.
 I told him since he was acting like a smarty pants, he was to divide 72 by 2 for me without using the visual aids. At first, he said it was too difficult. I pointed to the stamp game and told to 'use this method'. He took a moment to calculate in his head and told me 36. Then I gave him more divisions like 85/5, 82/2 and even 250/2...he gave all the right answers.  
I am in total awe of Montessori yet again!
I truly doubt Sonshine could mentally divide (beyond the 11 times table) before this game. This game gave him the visual to help him instantly understand the concept and calculate quickly in his head by 'seeing' the stamp game in his head. Thank you Montessori- you are genius!
If you want to read more about this activity on the how to- go here.

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