Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Humpty Dumpty with a twist!

Some nursery rhymes can be quite sad and cruel. But thankfully, there are lots of revised versions out there nowadays. And I enjoy the humourous twist to the stories.
One such book is this: 
When I saw this book 'May I see the King?' with Humpty Dumpty on the cover- I knew it was one of those versions with a twist. Without a thought, I borrowed the book- and oh Boy, was I moved to tears (well uh, almost) after reading this book.
Like the typical story, Humpty Dumpty (HD) had a great fall & all the King's horses and men were helpless. They couldn't put him back. HD requested to see the King. The horses and men picked him & his broken pieces up and brought him to see the King.
As HD was before the King, all the King's horses and men eagerly await for HD with great anticipation. The story goes on to say that the King's horses and men had NO doubt that the King will be able to put HD back together again because...
they themselves were all once broken before and it was the King who mended them back into complete treasures.

And then HD finally emerges from the King's throne. True enough, he was made whole again because:
LUKE 18:27 says
"And He said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."
Yes, it ended with a Godly twist. The 'King' in this story is our Lord Jesus. The typology is that when we feel broken, hurt and it seems so impossible to mend us back. We can always go before our King who will no doubt, make us whole again.
The words aren't as complicated as I had made it out to be. IN fact, it rhymes just like like the usual Humpty Dumpty rhyme. It is easy for the kids to read. I took this golden moment and shared with Sonshine that whenever he faces a problem he deems impossible to solve, he can always go to God in prayer. And like HD, what was impossible to fix in our eyes, it will is possible with God.
Christian moms, this is a great book read to your child! GO and grab it now! :D

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  1. Wow! I love the ending of this story! Thanks for sharing!