Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Shop Smart with RedMart

I used to be deterred by online shopping until I became a mom. It is hard to get out of the house these days especially when I am quite strict in adhering to our daily routines. That's why I succumb to online shopping and boy, am I sucked right into the heart of it! Online shopping is supremely easy & convenient. Best of all I can shop even when the kids are sleeping! I have shopped mostly for my kids clothes and their educational kits but recently, I am into grocery shopping with RedMart!
I know some are very put off by online shopping. It is true that some online websites can be frustrating to navigate & one can't tell much about a product virtually. But RedMart made it all too easy for shoppers that I'm certain my 6 year old can do it too!
Allow me to take you through...
On the main site, you will see varying categories at the top bar. This helps you to straight away zoom into the product you want. Looking for food products? Just select 'Food Cupboard'.

On selection, you will see sub-categories- again this helps you to get to the product you want quickly.

When you select the sub category, you will see a whole range of brands available appear in one page. This helps you to compare the prices without much ado. So once you find your item, just click 'add to cart'!

I hear you naysayers & all you who insist on reading the product nutrition facts. No problem here! RedMart allows you to read even the very fine prints on the packaging. Simply place your cursor at the desired portion & the product details will be magnified for your reading pleasure. You can take your own sweet time and read through what you need to read, calculate what you need to calculate- all while slouching in your comfy sofa!
Once you are done choosing your grocery, simply click 'Check out Now' and follow the easy step by step instructions. And then you are done! Easy Peasy eh?

A feature of RedMart that needs a special shout out is it's 'My List' function. RedMart records down what you bought under 'My List'. In here are the items you have bought or you can also manually select (regular) items (that you buy) into this list. So that on your next visit, all you have to do is to go straight to 'My List' and select the items you want to re-purchase. Saves you the hassle of navigating the entire website again. Cool huh?
I can't say this enough- it IS absolutely easy to shop with RedMart- anyone can do it! And oh! Even if you find trouble shopping with RedMart, you can always give them a call or select 'Chat' to get instant assistance.
Shopping with RedMart saves you time, it is convenient and navigation on their site is easy & secure. What's there not to like?
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#This post was sponsored by RedMart but all opinions are of my own#

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