Tuesday 1 October 2013

Mummy! Do work!

It is becoming a habit for Babydoll to do mummy's work. Every noon after her lunch, she will demand & insist on doing 'work'. Never mind that mummy has been too tired to clear the shelf and add in new activities, she still tells me 'mummy! DO WORK!!'.
She has been doing 'stale' (as in I haven't change the activity trays for weeks) work for the last few weeks. So, I just HAD to perk myself up and slowly added new activity for her. Here are some of our new activities on our shelf this week:
Transferring beads into ice-cube tray with a tong.

We are FINALLY moving on with numbers from 11-20!  I am quite sure the road ahead would be a breeze from now on. PHEW.

Counting! I made some counting Duplo cards for her. To help guide her count, I gave her counters for her to place it on each Duplo. As she places each counter on the card, she counts them aloud. I am very glad that she is getting the hang of counting! Yahoo!

Sorting items by their weight. There's a boo boo in the photo but I was too lazy to correct it. This was fun for her. She took out each item from the basket, determine if its light or heavy and put it under the correct label.

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