Sunday, 27 October 2013

Learning grammer the Montessori way

If you are a grammar nazi, you know that I am very weak in grammar. I know that very well- my best friend has no qualms telling me that! But that's how I learn.
Sonshine is, no better. He's spoken language is quite a pain to hear. :( Hence, I have been researching on methods to teach him the technicalities of grammar. Honestly, I am discovering things I never knew! You can tell I didn't pay attention in class huh?
By far, I found Montessori method (surprise, surprise) the best for us. It is clear, concise and each lesson doesn't take long. We are now working on the mechanics of a sentence. Sonshine is currently learning that a simple sentence involves a subject and a verb.

I first showed him the above. I asked him if this made any sense and if it was a proper sentence. We concluded that this is not a complete sentence because there is no subject in it.

I added on 'a baby' to the previous strip. We now have a complete sentence because there is a subject ('baby') and a verb ('crying'). At the same time, he revised that every sentence starts with a capital letter and end with a period. I gave him a red marker to correct the punctuations.

He also learn other areas where he needs to capitalised the letters i.e. proper nouns. I gave him a few strips of papers like the above and he had to correct them.

He also learn when to end a sentence with a question mark.
I should do more of these activities with him. It is so much more fun than making him do assesment books. But I wish I have more time and energy!

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