Friday, 15 November 2013

Mish a Mash

So, we have been out of action- I totally blame it on the Korean wave. I have been watching too many dramas and entertainment shows. *Hiak Hiak* Also, I have been too lazy to take photos, edit and type a post. It is getting a bit of a chore lately. :('s some meager effort I made.
Doll wanted to paint so I reluctantly obliged. On the whim, I threw in a toy corn, a piece of Lego and a car wheel. I let her paint on them and stamp/roll them on the paper. And there you go! Sensory play in an instant! :D

I love to make learning material using felt! I sew a tree & call it 'counting tree'!
I place a numeral at the side and doll has to put the correct number of counters on it.

My DIY counting cards in mandarin.

We have been reading about body parts in mandarin for a long time so I decided to make her these cards for her to practise. Glad to discover she's recognise the words!

I dug out this number sequence card again- for Doll to learn counting BACKWARDS. Learning to count backward is important for learning subtraction. So instead of starting from 1, I made her start from 10. I also tried to introduce to her the term 'before' by asking her 'What number is BEFORE 10?'
There you have it, these were the work done this week. Simple.


  1. Hi, is it possible to share the chinese cards for body parts in mandarin with me? I would like to teach my gal some chinese get her started. The cards are all wonderfully made

  2. I would be happy to share but the Chinese body parts pictures are photocopied from a book. So I can't quite send you the file. If you want i can share the word cards....hopefully I didn't delete them :(