Monday, 23 June 2014

Kids Stop @ Singapore Science Center

Hello! It's the school holidays here on our sunny, scorching island! Ah, I mean, it's the 'about to end' school holidays! Like most Singaporean families, we took a short vacation abroad, met up with friends and spent some family time.
This is the last leg of the school holidays and we are seizing each day as much as we can! Today, we spent our afternoon at Kids Stop. Needless to say, the kids had a blast! This place reminds me of the Children's Museum we visited in South Korea, Seoul. However, Kids Stop is alot smaller, dimmer (it bothers me that the lighting at our Science center is consistently dim & dark- why so?) and loud. The children's museum in Korea was 4 storey high, bright, spacious and very clean. Of course, they have bigger land too. ANYWAY! I am not complaining! I am just thankful there's a place like this here in Singapore! I remember when I was in Korea I wondered why we didn't have a place like this in Singapore. And now we do! It is almost like my wish came true!
Here are some of the highlights of our trip:
There's a suspended mid air erm, playground? This will surely thrill he older kids to no end. The route brings you all the way up high. I envy my son, it looks like a lot fun!
Connect and construct!
I love this pretty little corner. Flower planting anyone?

And oh my the Supermarket corner! Wow-ed me to bits!
Fancy some bread?
A galore of food condiments to buy just like the real world!
Wet market! Check out the ice cubes! Makes it look extremely real!

At the check out counter. You can scan the food items over the scanner and it really makes the 'beep' sound!

Chef's corner.
I'm utterly amused by this. Fried rice, looks really yummy doesn't it? 

For the dino lovers, time to dig up some dino fossils!
A small little construction area for kids to pretend to ride on a digger & push a wheelbarrow full of cement sacks!
For the aspiring doctors!
And this area is specially reserved for the little ones up to 3 years old. It is blow up size of Lego blocks and the kids can build it up just like typical Lego bricks!

There are a couple of other areas to explore like the mock up of an airplane cockpit, solar system and more. For more information click here.

My take is, this is a place worth to visit with the kids! If you have older kids, you can literally sit out and let the kids run amok. The area is enclosed and safe. However, if you can avoid school holidays, please do! It is absolute chaos and crowded during the peak period. But absolutely a must try!

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