Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sorting Fish

We all know sorting is an important foundation to have for learning math. It helps that most pre-schoolers enjoy sorting too! There are so many things and ways to sort; makes sorting activity never a bore. Dolll loves to sort & I love to prepare sorting materials to entertain her while we are on the go. I've made a few for her but this was the latest one I made for our recent overseas trip: sorting fish!

I wanted her to learn & see for herself that fish comes in a whole load of variety. Also, I wanted her to use her senses to differentiate & group the fish in the same category. I prepared four types of fish, clownfish, goldfish, swordfish and angel fish. As she groups them, I say their names aloud. 

I love this learning material. It's easy to prepare and light to carry around. Best thing is I can always whip it out and entertain Doll while we wait for the food to be served! 

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