Thursday, 12 June 2014

DIY Number board (1-30)

Here's an inspired Montessori number board I made for Doll. She was learning her numbers from 20-30 and it took her a while. Also, I wanted her to have a visual of the number sequence. I created it this because we were went away for a few overseas trips & I used this (& some other stuff) to entertain her on the go. 

Also, she had some difficulties in differentiating 12 & 22; 23 & 13 etc. So I wanted to lump all the numbers together to help her see that these numbers are not alike. Again, took her a while (also I haven't been doing much work with her).

I'm pleased to report that she's finally able to differentiate the numbers! I would have made the number board a little different though. I should have arrange them in tens rather than fives in a row. I might have to re-do.

** A side note: thank you for all the new likes on my FB page! I'm sorry I haven't been updating much on this blog! Hope I'll regain my inspiration! 

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