Friday, 4 July 2014

Learning about all things in the sky!

I have finally cleaned up my act and display new sets of learning activities for Doll!
Sonshine was able to patterning when he was 3 year old. Then, I thought it was because of a technic I used to help him. But that same technic didn't help Doll. So, I came up with this pattern strip and cut out the same pictures. She's to match the pictures from left to right. I hope this will help her 'see' the pattern.

Revising her word recognition on number words. Matching the correct number word cloud to the corresponding rainbow.

Which is NOT the same? Which is Different? Helping her visual discrimination and also at the same build her vocabulary.

Doll can read 'the', 'three' and 'this' but there are times when she mixes these words up. So I decide to put the words side by side to help her see that these words are not the same. Here, she has to sort out the words accordingly. I must say, it is helping. She can now instantly read out these words without confusion.

I have seen many Montessori counting activities from 1-10 but never beyond. Why so? Anyway, I printed out these cards and have her count. The numbers are between 21-30. She's doing this very well!

I never let an activity whizz by without her learning new words. This time, she's learning words on weather and all things in the sky.
If you like the above printables, click here

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