Wednesday, 4 September 2013

DIY numbering Elmo puzzle

This idea is not uniquely mine. In fact I've seen it for years- since Sonshine was a toddler. But it was too late to make for him by the time I discovered it so I made sure Doll has a go at it.
Simply take your child's favourite picture, divide the picture into 10 columns and number them from 1-10. Laminate and cut the strips out. Mix the strips and have the child arrange them in sequence. Ta-da! A complete picture!

Angry Birds are another recognisable characters! This set starts from 11-20.
Oh! Be sure to make the strips thicker for easy handling. I made them too thin. :(


  1. That is such a smart idea! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Hey Irene! Thanks for visiting; cant take the credit for the idea but for sharing?- can lah! :D