Friday, 20 September 2013

5 Favourite Buys from Daiso

Justina at Mum in the making is running a fun linky: Great Buys at Daiso.
Here's my FIVE favourite buys from Daiso (for home teaching):
I try to emulate Montessori style of learning. Display the activities on the shelf and let the child choose her desired activity she wants to work on. Hence, trays are very important. It helps the child understand that one activity = one tray & all the essential kits for that activity is placed in that one tray. The child does not need to scramble from place to place to get the necessary materials for that activity.

Colored pom pom balls!
There are so many ways to use these babies! They come in many sizes. You can teach colors, sorting, counting, differentiating sizes etc. Also one can use it for practical life activity such as scooping, tonging and transferring them with chopsticks. Considering the numerous ways we can use them, $2 for a pack of them is definitely a steal!
I am obsessed with their felt materials!
Again, I think it is so economical to get them from Daiso. I am the sort who won't be able to use up the entire felt cloth. So it helps that Daiso sells them in a pack of smaller cut out felts and in each pack there are a variety of colors.
I used it to buy make learning aids or simply for pretend play. I made these felt sandwich for Sonshine and I blog about it in my old site here. You can also read about the felt fishing activity i made!

Wooden blocks!
You would have read how I used them for teaching doll numbers. Daiso also sells wooden volumetric shapes like sphere, pyramids, rectangular prism etc which I think it can be used to present this Montessori activity- so who says you need to burn your pocket to buy Montessori kits?
Cookie cutters!
Most would use this for their baking needs while I use them to teach doll about graduating sizes- although I occasionally use them to to cut out star shape bread for the kids.
So there you have it! These are my Five favourite Daiso buys- SO FAR. I say that because you know, there is never a top 5 favourite buys at Daiso. Almost everything is a favourite buy! LOL!
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