Saturday, 16 February 2013

What's up valentine!

We had yet another bump this week with sonshine down. So, that's 2 weeks of being hostages to our own home y'all!
But, i manage to plan some valentine's activities for the girl.
Pasting colored cut-out hearts onto a large cut-out heart.

Stringing hearts. Should have laminted the hearts, it was too flimsy and doll even managed to rip one off!
Un-buttoning hearts. A tad too challenging for her at the moment.
Matching colored hearts.
I made this for doll to put cheerios on each of the white spots on the heart. BUT! She was too greedy and polished off the cheerios instead! LOL!
You can't really tell from the picture but she was suppose to match the various heart sizes onto the master copy. This was aim to work on her visual discrimination skills, learning about sizes.
Matching numbers. She somehow had no heart (LOL) to do this.
Sweeping cut-out hearts.
Another activity to work on her visual discrimination skills. I took out my heart shape cookie cutter and traced them on a white paper. She had to match each cookie cutter onto the paper. She enjoyed this very much and kept taking this out to 'play'.
And on V-day itself, i made heart-shaped bread for me son. 
On a different note, I've been reading 'The hungry Caterpillar' to babydoll. So, i decided to yank out my set of  props, i made for sonshine years ago. I retold the story to her using these props. I made sonshine retell the story too- great way to exercise his story telling skills.

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