Saturday, 9 February 2013

All time favourite board books

I enjoy reading good books to my babies. Here are some must-read books on my list:
Front Cover
This is such a 'noisy' book! Filled with animals sounds from the front to the back! Although, i do think the illustration is not quite appealing to young kids, but both my kids love listening me dramatised each animal sounds. There's a mission for readers- find the goose who is sometimes well hidden!
Front Cover
My favorite children's author is Sandra Boynton. I love her cute illustrations. This is my MUST MUST read book! Even if i've 3rd, or 4th or 12th kid, i would & must read this to him/her! LOL!
Front Cover
Get up on your feet and get ready to dance! Reading this book, you can't resist joining in the animals' dance. Even if you don't, you would surely be tapping your feet as you read through the rythmic text.
Front Cover
Another must read Sandra Boynton book! This is a great book to read at night, very funny! I love to read dramatically at the begining of the book and then quieten down at the end- and then pack the kid off to lala land!
Front Cover
Another great book to read at bedtime. I personally didn't find any good in this book but both my kids love it. Reading this book the second time around, i realised it's a good read & point book. Lots of things to see on each page. Good to teach your toddler on naming household items.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Giant hardcover edition
Need i say more?
Bus Stops
I enjoy journeying through this book. Readers follow the bus as it make numerous stop. At each stop, different people get off at different venues. There's so many things to see at different stops.
Freight Train

This is a great book about colors. It was particularly appealing to sonshine because he loved trains. I haven't read it to babydoll yet but i think i should soon!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This is a great alphabet book with a twist! What happens when all the letters go up the coconut tree? They all come crashing down of course! A very enjoyable book and a must read for all toddlers!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: A Celebratory Pop-up Edition

Sonshine thoroughly enjoyed this book. I suspect it was the repetition that entices him but it was also the repetition that made me dread reading this book aloud! Still, it is an all time favourite books amongst many kids!

I am sure there are more but these are books that i can think of off my head.

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