Saturday, 9 February 2013

Chinese New Year Crafts

We were bumped off this week when a persistent virus hit us, so we decided to scrap our Chinese New Year (CNY) plans & stay put at home.
I scrambled to search for CNY activities for sonshine just to liven our (okay, more like my own) moods. Pinterest was my richest source of ideas!
Here are some of CNY crafts we did at home:
Painting Cherry blossom tree using Lego stamping.
The final product.
Chinese calligraphy wannabe anyone?
Well, i just told myself to look at it artistically & it didn't look so bad after all. He wrote two of these &  i used them as last minute CNY decoration for my home. :)
Can you tell? It's a friendly dragon using cut out hand prints. Sonshine drew the a happy face despite me telling him to make it look fierce. Check out the blue pom pom eyes!
We had a bit of fun playing Hong Bao treasure hunt. Instead of the usual money, i put in slips of notes in each packet. The notes could say '1 minute extra on the ipad', '1 jellybean!' or 'Extra game on the Xbox' etc. Things that i knew would make him excited. He had alot of fun playing this.
Practical life skill- peeling Mandarin oranges for Daddy.
Some non CNY stuff we did. Add some coloring in a plate of milk, give the kid toothpicks & let him doodle away! Watch how the colors merge and turn the milk into an array of colors!
Babydoll was the first to get hit by the virus. I gave her a bit of activities to cheer her up. Practical Life skill activity- slicing a banana. It was quite a mess. But oh well.
A tub of water with some cubes of ice. Water has an amazing ability to keep any child thrilled and delighted. It's free and readily available- one of God's best creation i say! She was particularly restless that day and this certainly perked her up.
Threading. She is quite a pro in this! She sat there and thread beads after beads without any help from me. Well done my girl!
Peering into big brother's box of toy trains. She loves to look for Thomas the tank engine & name each train 'nomasszzz'!
Stuck at home with an ill brother. What better way to lighten her mood than with paints?
The masterpiece!


  1. Wow! You did alot. I m going to do some tomorrow when all preps are settled - to enjoy restful days....

  2. yes! rest this holiday, we must! I am home all day today, very restful and actually fruitful! :)