Saturday, 2 February 2013

A bit of this and a bit of that

This week we were suppose to work on Math & Chinese. But there was a little bump at the begining of the week so everything were abit off.
Anyway, i just gave him random things to do this week.
I bought a new book! Its a combination of drawing and writing. I like it because the drawing instructions are very simple and it is exactly the message i want to bring across to sonshine- that drawing is all about using a combination of varying shapes. It's easy, anyone can draw!

After following the step by step drawing instruction, sonshine had to answer the 'Who/What, Did What, Where, When' questions. Using his answers he was suppose to string them into a sentence. This week he learn to draw a bird and he wrote 'Nancy the bird goes swimming in the pool today.' He even drew a pool! LOL

He did a few random pages from this book.

He also learnt to write new words 朋友 and wrote a sentence with it.
We also completed 四五快读 lesson 2. The new words he learnt was 礼貌 and 游泳.
Post note: After reading the passages in the book, i now ask him some questions (set by the author) relating to what he had read. He is expected to answer in mandarin. I am trying to get him to exercise his (mandarin) oral and comprehension skills.

For math, i wrote down two similar but different word problems. The questions were:
Kitty has 8 toys. She has 2 MORE toys than Melody. How many toys does Melody have?
Kitty has 8 toys. She has 2 LESS toys than Melody. How many toys does Melody have?
I deliberately wrote the questions on the same page, used the same names & numbers because i wanted him to see they each require a different working hence the answers are different. He was able to work on these questions easily but he got confused when i had him work on the Kumon books. Can't blame him, the questions were quite 'wordy' and i had to read the questions repeatedly to understand too.
I will taking a 2 week Chinese new Year blog break. Here's wishing anyone out there (sometimes i feel like i am 'talking' to myself here) a blessed Chinese new year filled with goodness, mercy, prosperity, joy and peace!



  1. Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

  2. Cheers to a greater & fruitful year for your household and mine! :)

  3. hi! would like to know where did you get the book " draw n write" Can i find it in Popular?

    1. Hi! I ordered online from kinokuniya- I think! Can't remember but I know for sure popular doesn't carry it. Kino for sure has :)

    2. thanks for the quick reply!
      I just discovered yr blog and it is very inspiring!
      Keep up the gd work that you are doing with yr children!