Monday, 12 May 2014

Homeschoolsg printables

Of late, I have seen a mom selling home made learning materials to other moms. When I first saw it, I thought little of it, although I felt many of the materials can be easily created at home & there's really no need to pay for it. But, I know there are busy moms out there who may appreciate this service. So I left it as that. 

Recently, I saw a familiar looking homemade activity that this same mom was selling. I cannot help but be suspicious that that learning aid was my brain child. Now, I am one who is careful in taking credits, or at least, I try my very best to give credit where credit is due. This one, I'm quite certain it was birth from my brain because I recall I made quite an effort to come up with this idea for Doll & I have not seen this in any blogs. 

Now, I have zero, nlitch, qualms if you use my ideas for your own home learning with your kids. But to recreate them and sell them for your own pocket money, is just... just not right. I didn't receive any request for permission & I believe I am not very pleased about this.

Of course there's no way to verify this suspicion and I may very well be wrong. Still, I like to take this chance to remind readers of this blog that you may use, recreate my ideas for your own learning. But for ethical reasons, please don't recreate it for your own profit making. 

Lastly, those printables can be easily made by anyone. As long as you have a printer, computer, laminator and scissors, you are good to go. So please be penny wise and don't spend that kind of unnecessary money. I will try to put up free printables as far as I can. But sometimes I am not in the liberty to share them because of copy right issues. 

Thanks for reading.

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