Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Reading from puzzles

This activity has been on our shelf for months now. Every now and then, either Doll or I would whip this out and have her work on it.
I am fortunate that Doll never gets tired of this even though it's always the same 4 words. The reason why I've not rotate the puzzles is because I want her to recognise these words before I move on.
To help her, I would get her to 'spell' the words using our movable alphabet from our Melissa and Doug kit after she completes the puzzles.
I think she is getting it (finally)! I'd take away the puzzles, leaving only the movable alphabet on the floor. I ask her to read those words aloud and she's been reading them accurately! Yahoo! To really make sure she gets it, I plan to write these words on paper and have her read to me. *cross fingers!*

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