Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Flowery stuff

I have been out of sorts for the last weeks hence I have also been out of action (in terms of home learning). We have lost the momentum :(.

Still I did put in some effort few weeks back. I even lost the drive to switch on the computer to blog about it! (I am typing this on my phone- which also explains all the wrong fonts and misalignments.)

I made some home learning based on the theme 'flowers' and here's what we did:

I made these cards to help Doll understand that flowers come in a variety and each type has a name to it. I told myself this would be my objective and it won't matter if she doesn't remember the names. She simply had to match the flower cards to the correct master card. Each time she picks a card, I would say out the names of each flower. Doll actually recognized each of the flowers and even their names! I was curious if she would also recognize the 'real/live' flowers. So Whenever we pass by any florists, I would single out these flowers and she would confidently name them! I am so pleased! It confirms to me once again, Doll learns very well through matching activities like this! 

I made these counting cards and bought these pretty rose studs from Daiso. She had to place the correct number of roses onto the card. I love how pretty the end product looks! 

And not related to the 'flower' theme, I have been slowly expanding her reading. I made sentence cards and have her read aloud to me. Again, I'm so pleased that she's progressing in her reading and can now read simple sentences like these! Yahoo!!!

So there.. That's what we did many weeks back. I've recently prepared some more learning aid for her and we are slowly working on them. I hope I have the  motivation to blog about it. :)

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