Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Working the fingers

This week's work is all about pincer grasp, counting and some thinking is required!
This was meant for Chinese New Year activity which we did and are still doing. Sequencing the alphabets in order. Doll has to figure out which alphabets are missing and where to place them.
*If you scrutinise the board you will notice some errors- I'm well aware*
Another sequencing activity and a pre math skill. Laying out pom pom balls on Velcro strip in alternate colors.
Scooping beads from jar to jar
But as usual she was more interested in pouring and pouring.
Threading. In the past I'd let her string through the holes randomly. This week I ask of her to string systematically i.e  from one hole to the next hole. 

I delayed this activity until now because she didn't have enough strength to work on the clothes peg. Now that she has, I have her remove the pegs and snap them back again.
Mama's never going to let a week a go by without Math! I love math activities especially Montessori ones! Here Doll is counting the Montessori beads.
After she counts them, she lay them in correspondence to the number plates.
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  1. You never fail to amaze me with the activities you plan for your kids. You have such wonderful ideas!

  2. Thanks for your compliments! Made my day. Would love to take credit for it but most of these ideas are picked up while scouting the net! :D