Thursday, 20 February 2014

Counting, reading & fruits

I taught Doll how to read number words from one to ten. Since she can also count and recognise words relating to some fruits, I decided to create the following work for her.
My objective is to 1) expose her to these words as much as possible  so that they are deeply rooted into her memory
2) help her see that when words join together they mean something
3) get her started on reading short phrases
4) practise her counting
I made her fruit picture cards, on each card there are a variety number of a particular fruit. She's to read the word cards and match to the correct picture card.
At first, I would lay out 3 picture cards at a time in order to avoid confusing her. But she tend to guess the words by looking at the picture cards. So I took away the picture cards and made her read aloud from the cards.

When she was comfortable reading each card, I whipped out all the picture cards at one go and have her match the word cards one by one. One thing I notice, she didn't need to count the number of fruits on each card, she could instantly tell which card has say 3 pears or 4 bananas. (Ok granted they are a small number)

Before you think she took this like a fish in the water, not really. I had to get her to do this activity repeatedly over a few weeks. She tend to confuse the word 'apples' with 'pears' although she can recognise 'pear' *shrug*. But with repetitiion, she eventually sorted out the two. :)

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