Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Proud user of Drypers Dry Pantz!

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Most first time parents I know would conduct an extensive research on which diaper brand suit their newborn best. Well, we were the exception. We pretty much hit the lottery at our second try; we were so satisfied with Drypers that we didn't bother to continue our search. It's been 5 years since and counting!

When it comes to choosing a diaper, 3 criteria comes to my mind

1) Minimal leakage
2) Comfort
3) Easy on our wallets 
Drypers Dry Pantz fit the bill!

One of the things I really love about Drypers Dry Pantz is that it rarely leaks on us and it is long lasting-ALL thanks to their newly designed absorbent core!
 When I am rushing for time or just being pure lazy, I tend to stretch babydoll in her diapers for long period of time. Amazingly, Drypers Dry Pantz still hold up during that long hours neither does Doll complain of any discomfort.  Despite delaying her diaper change, I always notice that her bottom is always kept dry, never wet nor damp. This, I attribute to Drypers premium soft layers that drives the urine into the core thereby preventing flow back.
Doll taking off the diapers herself
I am so confident that her Drypers would not leak on me that i never bring out extra clothes for her. Not even when she was an infant- i kid you not. This gives me more room space in my bag and allows me to travel light whenever i go out. Awesome!
Also, recently, I learnt that we are not suppose to put on pull up diapers on our kids at night because that is a recipe for leakages. Well, not for me! I use Drypers Dry Pantz even at night and I have yet to have a single rude awakening in the middle of the night. Whoo hoo! So this pretty much tells you how 'powerful' Drypers Dry Pantz is!
Because I don't have to worry about changing her diapers on time, I get to put my mind on other more important things like home teaching her, playing or even spend quality time with her. And while we are doing these things, we never have to break our concentration and momentum just to change her leaking diapers.  
The other thing I love is how soft the Drypers Dry Pantz feels. That gives me instant assurance that my girl is comfortable in the diaper.

I also especially love its soft waist elastic. It doesn't eat into her skin nor leave marks on her. The waist band is soft such that it is easy to tear off at the sides during a diaper change. Yet, it is durable and it holds on despite being worn by an active toddler.

As if these are not enough, Drypers is economical and easy on our wallets.
What more can a parent ask for?
As it is, there are a thousand and one things for parents to worry about, from our kids' health, milestone developments, education and what nots. The last thing that should trouble us is unreliable diapers. Drypers Dry Pantz helps me to worry one thing lesser about my kids & enable me to focus on the things that matter like spending time with my family.
If your current choice of diaper is doing you more wrong than right, then consider switching to Drypers  & enjoy a peace of mind like me! You can hop over Drypers FB and request for samples. Try it today!

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