Friday, 5 July 2013

Primary school registration jitters

So it is the parents of children born in 2007 turn to hit the panic button. Registration for primary school has started this week and will go on till the end of the month. It is a time where many parents go through anxiety, apprehension and stress.
And I thought I was spared being able to register under former student phase. Until I checked the latest update today and I was horrified to discover about 50% of the place has been taken up by the first phase! I truly didn't expect this because i never thought my school was a popular choice. The school's intake after the first phase is even higher than some 'top' schools. I was stumped, really, truly stumped! I hyper ventilated for a moment after realising my turn was not until another week. What if another 50% or worse, more than 50% of the place be snapped up by the second phase (I belong to the third)? O.M.G! Horror! Panic!
I always assume I will have the safe chance to get a place in my old school and hence didn't even consider a second choice. I will be at a total lost if Sonshine fails to enter into this school. Now I am scrambling, checking out the other schools around my area- just in case!
Oh wait, for my overseas readers. Let me explain. Registration to primary school here in Singapore is very complicated. It goes by phases. Priority is first given to children who already have an older sibling studying in the same school- that is phase 1. Second phase, belongs to children whose parents are former students of the school AND are alumni members. The third, which is me, are for parents who are former students but not alumni of the school. And there are a couple more phases after that..if you want to know more, it is here.

I was pretty relax, calm & maybe even laughing at other parents for being anxious until now. Okay, this is not fun at all, NOT FUN, NO NOT AT ALL! I know, I know. I still have a high chance of getting Sonshine in the school. But still, the result after the first phase has triggered the worry warrior in me and won't be shaking my legs until I get the all clear that he is officially in! Till then, I think I am going to breathe alot more harder!

To all fellow 2007 parents, I wish you all the very best. I am sorry I even sniggered at you for being stressed out over this. Now that I have tasted a bit of that anxiety, I can truly understand why you go through what you go through. Big pat on your back & mine! :I All the best!

*Breathe, breathe*



  1. wow... Singapore's system is so different. Here, we had to register 2 years before at the school of our choice, but not guaranteed to get the place.If it's top schools, even harder. The most important is the address we use when we register for the school. If we din change our old IC (parents house) but have moved away from the area... we might risk the chance of getting a school nearer to the grandparents' instead of our place....

    1. Oh, is it Pre allocated by the state? So after registering 2 years ahead can you still change your mind? But I don't get it why it does not guarantee you a place, as in then what's the point of registering in the first place? Interesting hor? How different countries work. But yah Singapore system can be rather stressful sigh