Thursday, 4 July 2013

Color Play

Food coloring (I used yellow, red & blue)
Tissue papers
And fire away!
Let the child drop colors on the tissue paper and watch the transformation!

The primary objective of this activity was meant for doll to practise her pincer grasp while using the dropper.
For older kids, you can use this activity to teach them about primary colors and the results of color mixing.

Doll absolutely loved this activity! She was smiling and squealing away with each drop. She keeps telling me 'I Like Colors!'. I love how she talks and talks while working on this activity, she would describe the colors, tell me which color she will be using i.e. 'I want yellow'. At one point, one of the color in the cup turned purple and she even declared 'Purple!'. Absolutely love watching her do this activity. :)

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