Thursday, 30 July 2015

'Wood' you read with me?

I am narrowing my learning with Doll to just reading and counting. I am slowly accepting that I have barely enough time nor energy to do anymore than that with her. Here's what I have been up to.

I absolutely love Daiso wooden blocks! This idea was birthed when I saw my good friend's post over at Playhood. I just had to make my own! I used these blocks to teach Doll phonics and reading. All I had to do was stick the labels on each block of wood and write down the letters.
This week we are learning the words within the 'ad' family.
First, I had her sound out the 'ad' word.
I took out the consonants and have her sound out the individual letters before combining it with the 'ad' blocks. We sound out the words together.
 Besides phonics, I am also teaching her to read by sight. While she is able to read simple sentences, but I want to speed it up.(I am surprise by some of the words she knows. Must have been picked up during our read aloud time together) So I purchased this series of readers from Popular book shop (even though I have tons at home already). I am using these books to work on her reading. I am pleased that she is able to read some books on her own. Now, we have to tackle the other books.
As usual, I always go for books with simple sentences with repetition.
I made labels for her to learn the new words. I must say she picked up the words pretty quickly. Must be her sensitive period now.

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