Thursday, 30 July 2015

DIY hundred board

Ah yes, I already own one Montessori board but my itchy fingers just needed to make another one for Doll. I simply LOVE DIY stuff! I couldn't resist doing it after seeing these woods in Daiso. JUST-GOT-TO-MAKE-'EM!
If you desire to own a hundred board but don't want to splurge on one. Here's a cheap way to make your own. And easy too!
You can get these babies from Daiso. It comes with 18 (if my memory didn't fail me) of these in one pack for just $2! You need to get about 5 packs and that just cost you $10 in total!
You can either write directly on the wood or get those sticky labels. I did the latter. LOVE the effect. And oh, what happens when the child is done with these? You can convert them into free play, wood blocks! How's that? Play and learning incorporated in one, and it's affordable! Now do you know why I love DIY stuff?

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