Sunday, 15 March 2015

Update- Doll

First of all, THANK YOU for the new likes on FB! I never knew anyone was interested in reading this blog. Honestly, the more 'likes' there are, the more I feel bad. I have been lackadaisical in updating the blog. It's just that there are two crazy routines in the house to adhere to that it has been really difficult to do any home learning. I hardly have time, more like no energy to prepare and teach. :/ (This post alone took me days to write!)

But here's a quick update on Doll. I try to take little steps with her. I reckon that a little each day is better than nothing at all.

Recently, I noticed she was confused with numbers like '25' and read it as '35' or '15' and likewise for the other numbers from 1-39 (12, 22, 32 etc). I tried all ways and means to help her differentiate but to no avail. To be truthful, I got very frustrated. Then, I decided the best way is for her to learn is to match the numbers. I made four sets of every number from 12-39. I intended for her to match the numbers, I printed and painstakingly cut them. 

But before I could even start on the activity, she woke up one day and all the confusion magically disappeared. She read all the numbers perfectly. So much for all the leg work. Now I've a stack of number materials- unused. Oh well, I am more than happy that the confusion has blown away. 

Despite the lack of learning, i am very thankful and pleased that Doll is learning well at school. When I sent her to school, I didn't expect her to learn much, in academic terms. Because compartively, she doesn't pick up concepts as fast as her brother.  I sent her to school because I wanted her to get use to the idea of school. I didn't want to wait till she's 5 to put her to school as she may play catch up with her peers. 

But she surprised me. 

After one term of school, she now can write her alphabets and numbers independently. I studied her school materials and they didn't give much drilling on writing, just one or two lines. But she picked it up well- I think all her practise on the iPad helped too. It brings me delight when she attempts to spell words and writes them on our doodle board. She managed to write simple words like 'cat', 'pop' all by herself. Also, she enjoys writing and I really think we are off to a good start with her! (Sonshine dreaded writing and still do.) It makes me feel less guilty for spending less time on teaching her, seeing that she picks up words and skills fairly well. :p

End of term 1, she brought back two books, one in English and the other in Mandarin. Before I could prompt her to read, she rattled off the entire book on her own. Although I am quite certain that she memoriezed the sentences instead of reading word for word, I'm still happy to hear her read out loud, especially in Mandarin. We speak very little mandarin at home so it is refreshing and encouraging to hear her read in mandarin. Although she can't recognize the words, I thought it was great that she is attempting to say out the mandarin words and hearing herself speak in mandarin. That's a good start. 

But me being me, I cannot let her off without recognizing the words on the books. So I'm doing my usual drilling to help her remember the words. I think this a great opportunity for her to learn when the books are still fresh in her mind.

Also thanks to school, it helped her to break the confusion with the numbers. I figured the teacher must have tell the kids the dates everyday that she eventually differentiate the numbers.
Thank God! It really drove me nuts!

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