Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Write away!

This year doll is attending formal preschool. Which means, I'll have less time at home learning with her. Looking at the school's curriculum and hearing from other experienced parents, she's in good hands. Still, I try to teach her at home albeit that it would much lesser & more concise.

I try as much as I can but I'm also lowering my expectations. This year, I want her to learn to read, write and dabble a little on simple maths. 

For a while now, I've been letting her to trace alphabets on the iPad. Yesterday I let her to the dot a dot on the letter 'A'. I numbered each dot so that the order is the is in the proper way of writing 'A'. 

Coincidentally, her school is also teaching her to write the same letter. Out of curiosity, I asked her to write it out on her own. 

Yay! So delighted that she can write 'A' on her own. At least the practises she got on the iPad paid off. 

I have also allowed her to use the scissors. I printed the above from Confessions of a homeschooling mom. Doll is so into cutting that she's asking for the scissors everyday. 

*apologies for the horrorid alignment. Typed this on my iPhone app which gives me no room to tidy up this post 😑

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