Thursday, 2 January 2014

Post Xmas activities!

Well, well. We boogie-d too much during the school holidays! But it was all good! I am glad we let our hairs down and partied before Sonshine begin his primary school journey.
I prepared a couple of xmas activities for doll. Took me a while to cut them. Took me another donkey years to present them on the shelve and then before I knew it, it was New year's eve. Well, ah, we still haven't gotten to doing them! LOL.
Oh well, I thought I share them anyway!
Sorting polka dot xmas trees from striped xmas trees.
Laying out the corresponding number of counters on the tree.
Matching the same word & forming them into a xmas tree.
Sight word activity- Match the correct cut outs to the ones on the master sheet.
Doll has been learning to read number words so I created this to help her. Like the previous activity, she has to match the cut outs to the corresponding hearts on the tree.
Another sight word activity. Sorting the 'the' cards from the 'is' cards.
After the school holidays, I now find ourselves overwhelm by Sonshine's first days of school. Hence, I cannot seem to slot in a good time for Doll to work on these- although christmas is way over!
Can't wait to have our routine settled and get our home learning back on track!
And oh, Happy 2014! :D

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