Saturday, 18 January 2014

5 easy CNY activities for kids!

We will soon be celebrating Chinese New year (CNY)! Are you wondering how you can entertain your kids during those endless visitations? Well, here are some ideas!You don't have to prepare nothing! You just have to make use of these common CNY goodies/items which are available in most households!
1. Pre-Math skill
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Sort assorted peanuts/sweets/melon seeds

2) Fine Motor skills
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Peel mandarin oranges

3) Sensory
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Arrange the chocolates from biggest to smallest.

4) Counting
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For younger kids- count the number of red packets received.
For older kids- count money of course!

5) Matching

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Mix in pairs of red packets of different designs and have the kids find the matching red packets!

There you go! CNY Homeschooling on the go! :D


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