Monday, 29 February 2016

The teens and the tens

It is time!
It is time to take out my Montessori sets before it turn into dust and before Doll has no use for it! :D
I decided to teach Doll all about teens and the tens.
Actually I sort of already taught her before but this is just to reinforce her learning.
Note, I may not necessarily follow the authentic Montessori way in presenting but it works anyway.
First, we take out our tens beads. Doll determines that there are ten yellow beads strung together in a set.
Then we lay out the ten beads beside our teen board accordingly.
Next, we determine the number of beads in each colour set. For instance, the red set has just one bead, the green set, 2 beads, the pink, 3 beads and so on.
With our attention back to our teen board, we slide the '1' on the '10'. Here's where I tell Doll that 10 and 1 makes 11. I show her the 'magic' as I place the '1' on top of the '10'.
I also place a red bead, representing one, below the ten yellow beads. I counted them and determined that there 11 beads altogether. And again I told her that 10 (point to the yellow beads) and 1 (point to the red bead) makes 11. I do the same for 12 and the rest of the teens.
And we continue with the rest (here I only show up to 15).
At the end of the session, I randomly queried her how many does 10 and 3 makes or 10 and 5 makes etc, just to check if she understood what was presented. Sometimes, during our day to day I will also throw these questions at her just to reinforce what she learnt.
Also, I taught her what it means by counting by tens. I used my trustee ten boards. I showed that one ten makes ten, two ten makes twenty (and I counted each bead to show her that) and so on.
As with the teens lesson, I would ask her how many does 5 tens make or 7 tens make etc.
Next, as with the teen boards, I showed her that 40 and 3 makes 43. First we lay out 4 tens yellow beads and a 3 beads set.
I slide the 3 over the 40 and showed her that 40 and 3 makes 43. We counted the beads and determine that indeed 4 tens and 3 bead makes 43 and so on.
These activities are great for the child to learn place value. With these visual aids, it would be easier for the child to understand the place values later on.
And here's how I taught my pre-schooler all about the tens and the teens. :)
If you would like to know more here's a link on the know-hows and even how to DIY.

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