Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Come and Frog with me *croak*

I am very grateful to Doll's kindergarten teachers. They are doing a fantastic job teaching her how to read, write and study thematic topics. She's having a lot of fun learning at school too. That explains why I have been pretty laid back with the home teaching.
But recently I was suddenly inspired to make some frog theme activities for her.
 Bouts of inspirations like these does wonders!
Doll's teacher will go through the day of the week with her class everyday. To the point where, she can read almost all the days in words. I made this matching 'Days of the week' cards to help her reinforce her reading.
To make it interesting, I threw in the 'lily pads' into our sensory box. Doll makes the frog jump according to the day of the week from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday etc.

I bought this Safari Toob a long time back. So I took it out and have Doll find the matching poison dart frogs to the card.
I printed these free Frog Nomenclature cards from here. First I have her match the picture cards.

Later, she matches the word cards to the pictures. She can't recognise the words on the cards so she's expected to compare the spelling of each card and determine if they are the same. I would also read aloud each word card as she picks.

Learning parts of a frog. 

I managed to borrow two very interesting reads on frogs from the library.

As we flip through the pages, we try to spot some familiar looking frogs :).
Doll was taught writing alphabets and numbers in school. She's learning them very well and can write most letters and numbers independently. Still, I created these cards for her to practise her writing and hopefully, remember the spelling of the words :D.
Learning a simplified frog cycle. Matching the correct figurine to the right cards.
Since our last math learning, she now understands that 10+3= 13. I whipped this up just for her to practise and reinforce what she learnt. This time no visual aids, all done mentally and from recalling what she learnt the last time. 
If you need more ideas, there are lots more ideas on this theme over at Living Montessori Now here. Lots of free printable too!
Have a croaking good time!

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