Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Orange Juice anyone?

I am planning to start Doll on writing which explains why I am focusing more on Practical life activities as well as working on her pincer grasp. 
Plus, practical life activities are the easiest to prepare! Yesterday Doll made her own orange juice.
It started one day we chanced upon an orange juice maker vending machine! My hub was so y fascinated by the novelty that he splurge $4.50 on it without battling an eyelid.
It was intriguing watching how the machine selected the oranges, sliced them, squeezed them, collected the juice into a cup and served the fresh drink to us. Doll slurp up every last bit of the juice, she said it was "very very very nice"!
So grabbing the chance when that experience is fresh in her mind, I made Doll squeeze her own and at the same time exercise her hand muscles (for writing in future).
My invitation tray to play! Well, an invitation was quite unnecessary actually!

Squeeze, squeeze *grit teeth* *growl*
She had quite a hard time squeezing, she didn't have the strength. Still, she did not give up and could not keep her hands off the orange!

Good thing we had an HUGE orange that day because we extracted quite alot of juice!
Doll poured the juice into her cup (yes, another hidden practical life activity & chance for her to practise pouring- this time with a purpose!) and generously shared with me!
It was absolutely yummy!

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